Ayogi in the Spotlight: Jailson Brito

By November 9, 2016About Ayogis, Insights

Q&A with a Full Stack Developer: Jailson Brito on Gamifying Health Apps for Ayogo

jailson full stack developer bringing gamification to healthcare
Name: Jailson Brito
Title: Full Stack Developer, Ayogo Health Inc.
Fun Facts: When I was finishing my Bachelor’s Degree, a few friends and I founded a software development company. We rented a house in a bohemian neighborhood close to the beach where the living room was our main office and the rest of the house our home. Fastest commute from home to work ever.
Hobbies: Games, music and cooking.
Personal Website: jailson.com

Each month we place an Ayogi in the spotlight. This month meet a member of our software development team, Jailson Brito. Jailson has a master’s degree in Computer Science from UFBA and experience as a full stack developer creating apps and games for web, desktop and mobile.
Jailson was looking for an opportunity in Canada that suited his skill set and there we were! Ayogo was delighted to hear from a strong full stack developer as they are very hard to find. Full stack developers need to be specialized in everything from front-end to back-end programming. They need to have a sense of how to create a finished product from scratch.  Here was an Ayogo-worthy expert with additional master’s-level expertise in gamification, UX and user engagement. Jailson had previously developed educational serious games. At Ayogo he would be translating that expertise into creating healthcare applications that use game mechanics to help improve people’s lives. Ayogo’s diversity also caught Jailson’s attention. He could see that the Ayogo team came from places around the world. He sensed that Ayogis would be welcoming of him as a Brazilian.
Q: What are some of the things you’ve achieved thus far at Ayogo?

What I’m most proud of is taking on a multitude of responsibilities that have allowed me to be involved in different areas of different projects. While front-end programming is my main focus, I’ve had the opportunity to do so much more. Having previous experience as a full stack developer I was keen to make contributions to the backend. I have also had the chance to jump in and work on statistical analysis and data mining that foster our user behavioral research. I have been pleased to receive positive feedback from my team for my efforts and look forward to continuing to contribute to such an amazing organization full of people who want to change the world.

Q: In your opinion, what is the biggest challenge in creating applications for health?

Creating the smoothest possible user experience. Changing people’s behaviors is already a big challenge and technology should be seen as an ally and not an enemy. As a programmer I want the user experience to feel natural, without glitches, slowness or non-intuitive features that can discourage a user. At Ayogo we are motivated to not only deliver software, but take every step to ensure that our products are of the highest quality.

Q: What advice do you have for those who are looking to start their career in software development?

For me, learning inside a classroom helped me figure out how to think about problem-solving, but it wasn’t everything. My advice? Go beyond the classroom. During my years in school, a few of us took it upon ourselves to come up with projects we could work on in our spare time. This allowed us to take what we learned in class and apply it to practical projects. This was invaluable and led me to develop games that won awards in national independent game festivals. If you understand the fundamentals of programming and you are attentive to best practices you’ll quickly learn how to code in any programming language and adapt to new trends & technologies.

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