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By September 2, 2015About Ayogis, News

We are now on Instagram (better late than never)! You can now follow us @ayogoteam. As our company has grown, we want to show you that we are a company with REAL people! Sorry to disappoint you if you thought we were just a bunch of robots. We’ll be posting healthy lifestyle tips, capturing the activities going on in the office, and making sure every moment contains something special that we want to share with all of you!
ayogo team wave
Here is how you can connect with us on Instagram:
1. Download the Instagram app on your mobile phone.
2. Find @ayogoteam on Instagram and follow us.
3. Double tap our photos to show us you like the photo!
You can also upload your own photo and share it with us by using the hashtag #ayogo
What would you like to see on Ayogo’s Instagram? Visit our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages to let us know.