How to Develop a Visual Design for Healthcare Games

By October 5, 2016Ideas, Insights

Camila Serrano - Talking about Visual Design for Healthcare Games
We asked our UX Designer, Camila, to show how she develops the visual design for healthcare games. In this video she will describe her process for an educational mini-game Ayogo made about blood cancer, as well as showing the iterations and the final product.

Four Key things to remember when developing a visual design for healthcare games:
1. First, gather design inspiration from many sources. For healthcare games, the designer should look at every level: the genetic level, the cell, the human body, even social networks or environmental contexts.
2. Next, refine your choices. If the imagery or graphics are too scientific and detailed for a health game, simplify the number of objects. Having more abstract, simple and organic shapes can make gameplay more engaging.
3. Create depth and movement using different types of opacities and overlays.
4. Set a palette of colors that will be stable and repeatable on the object level and as backgrounds. Reference your original design inspiration—does the color palette ring true?
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