Monster Manor

By November 28, 2012Projects

Monster Manor is a free game that helps families of young children with Type 1 diabetes stay on top of their testing and logging schedule. It aims to engage children in their health management and improve their adherence to treatment while having fun.
The game is integrated with the BlueLoop diabetes tracking app, which allows children to effortlessly enter all of their diabetes information and allows parents to monitor and stay informed anytime, anywhere. Every time children enter their BG information into the BlueLoop app they are rewarded with a piñata to crack open in Monster Manor. Piñatas hold all sorts of fun inside, from “Beanz” that will help children collect more monsters, to “Gold” that will buy their monster new pets. In addition to rewarding kids, parents are provided with insights, strategies and a tool to support their child’s management efforts. Parents can also send their child an extra special piñata that has a better chance of winning bigger prizes! This is designed to give parents a daily opportunity to show support to their child and give them the encouragement they need to properly manage their diabetes.
This game is currently in closed beta.
If you’d like to join our beta test, click here. If you’d like a demo, contact us at